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Tableware and Ornaments crafted by Plumstead Potter Kirsty Bennett

Little Wheel

Kirsty Bennett works from her home in Plumstead, South-East London, which she shares with two of her sons, two cats and two chicken (though they live in the garden.) Despite efforts to clear the house she continues to be over productive.

She is now offering Throwing Workshops - so other people can learn skills, enjoy the deeply calming creative process

and clutter up their own homes!

Here is the Little Wheel - usually found in my conservatory (which, tbh, is the end of the kitchen) or my garden.

Here are some of my recent commissions.....

Throwing Workshops @ Little Wheel Ceramics


All held at my home in Plumstead, SE18.

The course will work best for two people to keep costs sensible, though you are welcome to book as an individual at a higher cost.

All materials and firing costs are included (as well as plenty of tea and cake)

Four Session Throwing Experience 10 hours over four weeks. This will be a gallop through to show you all the processes involved in creating hand thrown pottery.

Week one  You will learn to weigh and wedge up before learning to centre and control your hands to produce small cylinders and bowls and choose your best pieces to keep.

Week two  We will work on turning the leather hard objects and look at some simple stamping and carving, as well as continuing to throw, working on a mug shape.

Week three  On the third session you pieces will have been bisque fired so you can glaze them and learn to make and attach a simple handle for your mug.

Week four  You will get to see your finished pieces, and can learn from that how to proceed with those you are still working on. Then choose:  would you like to try some more throwing or create a hand built vase using slab techniques. After this session I will finish off your pieces to your spec so you can pick them up when they are through the kiln.

Cost £200 pp for two students, £300 for individual tuition. This will includes 8-10 small bowls and cups that you get to finish and take home.

One Day Throwing experience

In this two-and-a-half-hour workshop you will be thrown in to the wheel experience, as I teach you to centre and pull the clay into cylinders and bowls. You can play around to your hearts’ content, and at the end choose two of your pieces that I will finish, fire and glaze and you can pick up (or I’ll send them to you for the price of the postage)

Cost £125 pp for two students, £75 for individual tuition.


Times and Dates  To be arranged to suit you, just contact me!

07773 863836

The Slade London SE18 2NB




How was your Bank Holiday weekend? Ours was the best ever!

We did something we’d always wanted to do and tried a bit of pottery with Kirsty Bennett

We don’t often do things together as a couple, a shared activity, a hobby, besides going to the theatre or for a meal, but this was the most enjoyable, fun, relaxed and creative afternoon we’ve had in a very long time.

This was week one of four and we can’t wait to see what we learn next Sunday.

Kirsty is so warm, welcoming and expertly explains each step of the process, guiding and supporting, whilst making the whole experience fun and enjoyable.

Richard, a man of few words, had this to say, “It was relaxing, welcoming, informative, interesting and fun!”

I’d highly recommend Kirsty for intimate, personalised, friendly and supportive lessons in the art of pottery.



Carved Pots

Little Wheel Products

Everything I make is a one off; though I do make sets, no two pots, bowls or mugs are exactly the same.  That makes it difficult to show exactly what I have 'in stock'. 

If you like my products and I have sold the one you're after,  I can make you another.  I might have just finished something you love more, so drop me a line and we can sort it out.

I'm not going to ask you to buy something at the push of a button because it is so hard to list sets, reductions, etc, and means I don't have time to actually make anything, but I'd love to make things for you!

I charge £5 for postage.

  Tiny Vases, Miniature Bottles


What's the difference between tiny and miniature? Tiny is under 7 centimetres, miniature under 3 cms! 
But size isn't always the most important thing, so I hear.  All the bottles, pots and vases I make are individual, and I glaze them in little sets.  People tend to mix and match colours and styles and my sets are all broken up, so I end up with more cute individual items. Scroll down to see pictures and more info.

          Mugs and Bowls


Why drink tea and eat cereal from ordinary mass produced tableware when you can use something original and unique.  Oh, and I include tumblers in this section.  
A simple bowl or tumbler is £15, then I add £5 for an addition, eg a handle, carving, or intricate glazing.  I then have to add the appropriate P&P.  (I learned the hard way, when trying to send a large vase)  Of course, if you live in South East London you are very welcome to drop by and pick up a purchase.

Vases, platters, 
Unique animal stamped wear
& everything else


Platters from £20
Vases £15-£40
Small animal stamped dishes £5.
Lots more, 
Contact me for details.

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Little Wheel Ceramics

Kirsty's Tiny pots are fun and make great presents.

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