Little Wheel Ceramics

Tableware and Ornaments crafted by Plumstead Potter Kirsty Bennett


This is why, how, and where..

Kirsty Bennett works from her home in Plumstead, South-East London, which she shares with her three sons, three cats, three chickens, and partner (just the one.)  Despite their efforts to clear the house she continues to be over productive..... see below.


Bowls make Kirsty happy.


More bowls, more happiness!

Here is the actual Little Wheel.  It's in my kitchen.


Autumn Whimsy.





Concentric Pots

Little Wheel Products

Everything I make is a one off; though I do make sets, no two pots, bowls or mugs are exactly the same.  That makes it difficult to show exactly what I have 'in stock'. 

If you like my products and I have sold the one you're after,  I can make you another.  I might have just finished something you love more, so drop me a line and we can sort it out.

I'm not going to ask you to buy something at the push of a button because it is so hard to list sets, reductions, etc, and means I don't have time to actually make anything, but I'd love to make things for you!

I charge £5 for postage on items under £30, after that it is free.

  Tiny Vases, Miniature Bottles


What's the difference between tiny and miniature? Tiny is under 7 centimetres, miniature under 3 cms! 
But size isn't always the most important thing, so I hear.  All the bottles, pots and vases I make are individual, and I glaze them in little sets.  People tend to mix and match colours and styles and my sets are all broken up, so I end up with more cute individual items. Scroll down to see pictures and more info.

          Mugs and Bowls


Why drink tea and eat cereal from ordinary mass produced tableware when you can use something original and unique.  Oh, and I include tumblers in this section.  Carry on scrolling for pics and details.

Vases, platters, 
Unique animal stamped wear
& everything else


Platters from £20
Vases £15-£40
Small animal stamped dishes £10.
Lots more, 
Contact me for details.


Little Wheel Ceramics

Kirsty's Tiny pots are fun and make great presents.

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Little Wheel Ceramics

Mugs, jugs, bowls and tumblers

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Little Wheel Ceramics

Pretty little dishes with Hares

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